Lacey and Larkin Expose a Demon

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a cruel demon who should have been locked up long ago. We all should applaud and honor Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin for showing his vile acts to the world.

It is true, President Trump pardoned him, but we can be grateful that many more people are stepping forward to sue him for his crimes against humanity.

If you are in any doubt about how evil Sheriff Joe Arpaio is, let me show you a few things discovered by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The first thing they discovered was how Sheriff Joe Arpaio used totalitarian tactics to cover his own mistakes. One great example is when he sent his squad to raid a home he believed was a weapons cache. They came to find out that they had picked the wrong home. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

However, Arpaio couldn’t let that go public, so instead, they burned the house to the ground. Now they did let the family out. However, they forced the family’s pets back inside and let them die in the inferno. When the homeowners flipped out, the officers just laughed at them.

The second thing Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin discovered was how brutal Sheriff Joe Arpaio was to the Hispanic inmates in his cells. As Lacey and Larkin looked over the records, they found an alarming rate of alleged “suicides” in the Hispanic population.

As they looked further, they found that the results of the autopsies stated that there seemed to be a struggle before the hanging.

Even worse, they found a story about a pregnant woman who was denied medical care, and because of that denial, she lost the baby. Even more heartbreaking, Sheriff Joe Arpaio tried to file an order that would ban her from seeing her dead baby before the funeral.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin discovered this and made everything public. As the national outrage grew against Arpaio, the wicked sheriff decided to respond with his same old fascist tactics.

He broke into the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin with an illegally obtained warrant and tried to haul them off to jail in the cover of night.

The whole ordeal would result in a lawsuit against the Maricopa County where Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would win $3.75 million. This money started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and now supports other non-profits fighting for immigrant rights.

Sound Investment Solutions Being Provided By Richard Blair To His Clients

Wealth Solutions is the company of Richard Blair. It offers services to its clients to make it easier for them to grow as well as in managing their assets. In this way, clients are able to find a partner and advisor in Richard Blair. He is a highly experienced besides having the requisite qualifications too.


He has founded Wealth Solutions which is an Investment advisory firm. It is located in Austin, Texas. Currently, it is operating as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions feels that all should have a strong financial plan that will help them to pursue and achieve their financial goals. This is why he is helping the people in Austin, Texas, by offering them wealth management services, and retirement planning and much more.


The comprehensive three-pillar approach provided by his company is being appreciated by all. This is because it allows his firm to know about the current financial condition of their client along with their retirement requirements. This makes it easy to have a holistic plan for each client that will be customized as per their needs.


The first pillar is specifically designed in a way that can help the client in designing their financial roadmap. It helps in identifying their goals and strengths, besides their risk tolerance along with the growth opportunities. This helps to understand the client better and form a financial plan for them that they can follow.


The second pillar helps in developing a strategy that is long-term and able to meet the specific investment needs of any client. In this way, it gets customized as per the specific liquidity needs as well as investment goals of a client. Richard Blair is an expert in reallocating as well as managing assets as that helps in ensuring optimum performance for a client. It also helps in reducing the impact of this investment in case of a negative market.


The third pillar helps in determining the goals of a client. It also helps in establishing strategies that can help to achieve these goals. In this way, Richard Blair is meeting their insurance needs. This is through long-term care as well as life insurance in addition to annuities.


Richard Blair has a passion for offering financial services to individuals, besides small businesses as well as families. This has been influenced by the fact that his mother and grandmother were teachers and he could see how teaching helps to enhance knowledge and confidence.


For more information, connect with Richard Blair on LinkedIn.


Journalism Made for Consumers – A NewsWatch TV Review

NewsWatch TV Reviews has recently celebrated the airing of their 1000th original episode. Since 1989, NewsWatch TV has been dedicated to being a reliable source of consumer technology reviews, mobile app reviews and celebrity interviews to name a few. Recently, SteelSeries has teamed up with NewsWatch in promoting their product. According to Tori Pugliese of SteelSeries, the NewsWatch team provided them with an exceptional and cooperative experience. The two teams seemed to form a good business understanding of each other’s ambitions right at the beginning. The collaboration was an easy “seamless” process that resulted in the timely and relevant delivery of the products.
The first thing a user might see by clicking the NewsWatch TV Reviews website is its abundance of consumer technology articles. If someone were to read a few of these articles, he or she will find just how consumer-oriented NewsWatch really is. It is reflected in the articles as well as their TV episodes. Tech gurus will find themselves at home within the NewsWatch site for they have two content-packed categories dedicated to reporting consumer technology.
NewsWatch TV is the winner of a Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award as well as the national 2017 Videographer Award. What started as a humble monthly program broadcasting financial issues has evolved into a trusted source of technology, travel, and entertainment news (to name a few) with a total audience of over 700 million. They have featured celebrities from Carrie Underwood to Dr. Oz. NewsWatch TV is currently a weekly broadcast on the ION Network and a bi-monthly program featured on the AMC network.

What Inspires Students from Academy of Art University?

Ever wonder what inspires students from Academy of Art University? The answer covers about anything creative under the sun. These talented students love the creative process. Those involved in the stellar fashion design program got to feature their original designs a few months back for the revered New York Fashion Week runway show event. This extravaganza draws celebrities, top fashion designers, fashion leaders and everyday people desiring to see whats upcoming in the fashion arena. The show was mesmerizing. The university’s students were able to showcase their unique take on current fashion statements. What a powerful experience. These upcoming fashion artists are ones to watch going forward.


This distinctive California university embraces students from all over the United States and from other countries around the world. Qing Dao, from China, found her inspiration for the runway collection while snapping photos for a class in creative concept. Her metallic material choices, edgy modern silhouettes and layering technique are spectacular. She fused PVC and vinyl to fabrics for a sustainable look that transforms culture. Eden Slezin, another AAU student, bared his soul by showing his undeniably heart stopping denim designs. He celebrated individuality, past life and loves and added his love of vintage denim looks to come up with beautiful pieces.

These amazing designers are already making a mark in fashion headlines. This relaxed university campus is situated amidst a glorious old San Francisco neighborhood that retains its authentic charm, wide diversity and artistic atmosphere. A fitting location for this prestigious Academy of Art University. The instructors each have interesting backgrounds pertinent to their area of expertise. This practical way of inspiring is certainly effective if the recent NYFW is any indication. Students here are encouraged to express, even celebrate, their diversity and uniqueness. The entire campus is still connected by respect and positive attitudes.


It is exciting to be in the midst of such creative genius. The Academy of Art University has many programs and degree levels that challenge anyone wanting to pursue an art degree or land a coveted job in their individual interests. AAU remains a top educational institute.


Shiraz Boghani: Businessman And Leader Of The Community

Profound businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. Shiraz Boghani, has been a model for excellence in the hospitality industry. For over 30 years, Mr. Boghani has exemplified success as a manager and owner of over 20 hotels in the United Kingdom.

Originally born in Kenya, Shiraz Boghani moved to the U.K. in 1969, where he started out as an chartered accountant. From there, Boghani would join Thomson McLintock & Co(now referred to as KPMG), where he would continue to hone his craft as an astute businessman, until he co-founded Sussex Health Care in 1985. In the 1990s, Boghani was one of the first businessmen in the hotel sector to introduce London to the idea of having “limited service branded hotels”. To this day, Sussex Health Care continues to serve as U.K.’s top health care provider in housing for senior living and adults with disabilities. Boghani also serves as Founding Partner and Chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP, and Managing Partner/Chairman of The Splendid Hotels Group. Staying true to his modest beginnings as an accountant, Boghani still practices as an accountant, serving as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England and Wales.

With every business endeavor, Boghani continues to remain successful. Recently, he developed and launched hotel projects such as, the Hilton London Bankside, York, The Grand Hotel Spa, the Holiday Inn London and the Conrad London St James; and Boghani is showing no signs of slowing down, as he has also recently acquired hotels such as the New Ellington in Leeds and the Mercure Bristol Brigadier Hotel.

Maintaining the balance of being a business leader in the hotel industry, while finding the time to give back to the community, can become challenging, yet Mr. Boghani finds a way to make it happen. Never losing sight of the ultimate goal of giving back, Boghani is a member of several charitable and voluntary organizations, such as the National Council of the Ismaili Community, the National Conciliation, and the Aga Khan Foundation.

Shiraz Boghani’s powerful and positive impact on the hotel industry and community can be felt and seen all throughout the U.K. and Europe. For his valiant business efforts, in August 2016, he was awarded the “Hotelier of the Year“, at the Asian Business Awards 2016, a prestigious award honouring the hotel industry’s top businessman for his/her superb work ethic.

The growth and development of U.K.’s hotel industry and community is thanks to the vision, passion and dedication shown by Shiraz Boghani. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his philanthropic deeds, continue to only strengthen and uplift the U.K. community as a whole.

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Michael Lacey’s Career Achievements and Awards

Michael Lacey is a renowned American mathematician who has committed his life to the niche. He has been a Professor of Mathematics since 1996 at the Georgia institute of Technology.

Lacey has also worked in different capacities in numerous other institutions in the world. Before he joined the Georgia Institute of Technology, he served In the University of Minnesota as an Ordway Professor, as a Wallenberg Fellow in Lund, Sweden, and in Helsinki University as a professor.

Michael Lacey was born on September 26, 1959 in America. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas in 1981 and received a PhD in Mathematics in 1987 from the University of Illinois.

He began his career life at the Louisiana State University as an assistant professor from 1987 to 1977 and later moved to the University of North Carolina. Moreover, he served as assistant professor up to 1996 in the Indiana University. His career life is focused on harmonic analysis, ergodic theory and probability.

Lacey has also received several awards in recognition of his expertise. While in the Indiana University, he received the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship and developed the central limit theory at the University of North Carolina.

Furthermore, he received the most prestigious award in mathematics when he won the Prix Salem Award after solving Alberto Calderon’s conjecture. He has received the American Mathematician Society Fellow, the Guggenheim Fellow in 2004, the Simons Fellow Award Mentoring Award, and the Georgia Tech NSF-Advance in 2012.

Finally, Michael Lacey’s career life as a professor has impacted on numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students who specialize in mathematics. He has successfully tutored and supervised students during their final thesis.

Additionally, his knowledge on probability and harmonics analysis has enabled many students to love mathematics. He was also the director of MCTP and VIGRE awards that sponsored numerous undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students.

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Orange Coast College Rowing Team Has All That It Takes To Shine

Rowing remains one of few exclusively amateur sports left today. It is basically a ballet of power and calls for unity and grace. The Orange Coast College rowing team has a near innate spirit in them, and they had the zeal to do their best in the national competitions that was to be held at Lake Lanier, Ga. as from Thursday, May 25. The team was under the firm leadership of Captain Daniel Amado. Learn more:


Captain Daniel Amado is an alumnus of Los Alamitos High School. He broke a disk in his back making him unable to participate in the rowing sports till this year when he returned. Steve Morris who was serving the assistant coach for men’s team departed Rancho Santa Margarita at 5.30 am heading to Newport Harbor. He was on autopilot while very attentive to never miss a moment.


Morris was the head coach for the most of the 1990s but left due to family commitments. He only came back to OCC following a compromise with the family. The sport is n Morris’s nerves and heart, and he loves it dearly. As a student at OCC, he served as a coxswain. You have to note that coxswains are the brains of the brawn that is in charge of oars.


About Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College has a 64-acre campus in Costa Mesa. It was founded in 1947, but the classes actually began in 1948. Today it stands as one of the largest and the finest community colleges in the country. It enrolls well over 25,000 students every semester. This college has outstanding facilities and always stays ahead of others in technology with more than 135 career and academic programs. It also boasts of one of the largest as well as the most acclaimed public nautical programs nationally.


Among the community colleges in Orange County OCC is ranked the first considering the number of students that make it to California State University and University of California systems. Thousands of students have transferred to CSU and UC from OCC over the past decade. Many other students also make it to other private colleges and universities nationally and within California. Learn more:


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Helps Dentistry Grow by Treating Sleep Disorders

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been the most prominent voice advocating the use of dental devices to help treat sleep apnea which is one of the most widespread disorders affecting sleep. The health consequences can be serious as chronic sleep deprivation takes an enormous toll on one’s well-being and physical makeup. Dr. Weisfogel has treated many patients successfully with a custom-designed dental device which ensures an open airway during sleep.

Sleep apnea is characterized by pauses during sleep which may last a few seconds or as long as a full minute. The result of this is a lack of deep, rejuvenating sleep which can significantly impact a person’s appearance and health going forward. Tired looking and drooping eyes can give away the fact that one’s sleep is lacking in quality and quantity. The long-term effects can lead to premature wrinkling and a decline in general health all of which speaks to the crucial work that Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been engaged in for two decades of his professional career.

Dr. Weisfogel has been treating sleep disorders from the very start of his career and it has become a calling for him. His passion is to substantially improve the health of patients who have problems sleeping by using less invasive dental techniques. The compliance rate of those who use dental devices is much higher than the typical medical gear that patients find cumbersome and difficult to wear.

As a pioneer in using dentistry to treat sleep disorders, Dr. Weisfogel has gained a stellar reputation for his craft. He founded Dental Sleep Masters to help other dentists realize an increase in their services offered by treating sleep conditions. This is accomplished with strategic, top-notch marketing to help them grow their practices. Patients are the greatest beneficiary as serious conditions are successfully treated and overcome.

The research and latest studies on sleep disorders is something that Dr. Weisfogel keeps up with faithfully. His knowledge and abilities in this area are extensive and his expertise is sought out by many aspiring dentists seeking to grow their business and make a wonderfully positive impact on the lives of their patients.

The Magical–Yet Very Real–Waiakea Water

Waiakea is the volcanic water that originates from Hawaii. The new bottled water is degradable and this has reduced the packaging life expectancy by 98 percent. The technology that is being employed in the design of the bottles can be recycled by 100 percent. The bottle has embraced the technology of time last whereby an additive that can aid in the degradation of the bottle is added to it during its manufacture.

Fewer compounds are added to the plastic during its manufacture which helps in its degradation easily. The Waiakea volcanic water that is produced in Hawaii was founded in the year 2012. The water brand is certified carbon neutral. Ryann Emmons came up with the manufacture of the bottles after seeing the disadvantages of the other bottles.

The Waiakea bottle is friendly to the environment and offers unique health benefits that are of help to the communities in need. The company has grown immensely as a percentage of 4000 percent since its inception in the year 2012. The founder was just 22 years old. The Waiakea Company has experienced a growth rate of 170 percent that is calculated annually.

Local distributors were instrumental in the growth of the company as they signed deals at a faster rate followed by the Whole Foods Company. The company is worth 10 million dollars with the water originating from both rain and snow on a volcano. The sources of the water are the purest place on the Earth.

The water from the mountain is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Scientific research has proved that individuals taking 10 mg of silica present in the water reduces Alzheimer’s risk by 11 percent. The water from the mountain is naturally alkaline hence individuals taking in the water are bound to have the ionized minerals in their bodies.

The Waiakea water emanates from an aquifer that is rechargeable and the bottle packaged at a facility that uses renewable energy. The Waiakea water is among the first to be certified premium bottled water. The bottle is packaged at a high rate and the company has been certified as carbon- free. The founder has been in partnership with a charitable organization to reach out to communities in the far areas.

Louis Chenevert the Great

Everyone loves the story of a hero. It is a source of inspiration and motivation. It also helps us avoid mistakes and know the best plan and strategy to evaluate our projects. One of the most influential men in the economic world is Louis Chenevert.

Louis Chenevert had a long journey before he finally became the prominent person he is today. He started small like any other businessman. It is his determination and perseverance that led him to his greatness.

Louis Chenevert began his career at General Motors. He worked for 14 years. He worked as the Production Manager before he left. He then got a chance to work with Pratt & Whitney, an aircraft engine manufacturer. After six years in the firm, he was promoted and made CEO. This marked the beginning of his greatness. He was then employed by the UTC as their chief executive officer.

UTC Company is a high tech company. It plays a significant role in air conditioning gadgets, aerospace system, refrigeration and other devices. Being a very competitive venture, it needed an intelligent person to run it. Louis played a significant role in taking the company to a higher level.

Being a futurist, he led the UTC Company to invest in future technology. He saw this as a way of securing the economy of the states. He also ensured that human labor was utilized.

The current CEO of UTC follows the footsteps of Louis. He believes that this will help maintain the high standards and maintain the levels of the company.

This is why there programs that allow the employee to acquire a degree of whatever sector they please. This extra education has made the employees more productive.

As a result of great work, he has been rewarded by very many organizations. He is acknowledged globally because of his expertise in the field.

Although he stepped down from UTC, he is remembered and honored by upgrading the firm. His wise decisions and strategies still count significantly to the success of UTC.

Louis Chenevert will remain an icon in the business world. His legacy will always be passed from one generation to another.