Contributions Of Sussex Healthcare To Community

Sussex healthcare is a UK based care and support homes for elderly adults and persons with learning and physical difficulties for over 25 years. The success of Sussex is enabled by multi-industry chairpersonship between Shiraz Boghani an expert in the hospitality industry and Shafik Sachedina who has a medical background. Sussex has won many awards and has vibrant care homes across the southern coast of England.

Sussex healthcare has dedicated staffs that undergo a rigorous recruitment process and on the job training. They provide care to older people with dementia issues as well as younger adults with neurological problems. They have different kind of facilities ranging from residential homes, fully equipped gyms and daycares. They run programs that encourage the residents to be actively involved in the surrounding. These homes operate on the belief that all people should be given equal chances at recreational and social activities, and the people in their homes are not an exception.

A diverse staff base runs Sussex healthcare. The caregivers and the support staff are all professionals in their fields. Some chefs make sure that the residents receive high-quality meals that meet the needs of their bodies. The chefs prepare meals that meet each resident’s dietary requirements. Other employees at Sussex Healthcare include nurses, administrators, cleaners and home managers. Sussex motivates the staffs through the provision of competitive compensation, uniforms, pension, subsidized meals, fully paid vacations, career advancement opportunities and on the job training in its training academy.

In March 2018, Sussex healthcare appointed Amanda Morgan as the new Chief Executive Officer. Amanda brings on board over 30 years of professional experience in the healthcare sector as well as in management. She is best suited to serve in this capacity as she has previously worked both as a caregiver as well as a manager within the healthcare sector. There are also board members who give policy advice to Sussex on various issues. These policy advisers have a background in healthcare hence have a deep understanding of the activities at healthcare.

Sussex provides different types of care. They provide specialized adult care to persons with learning and physical difficulties in a number of its homes. They also offer respite care so as give a chance to people who give attention at home a chance to take a break. There is also palliative care for persons with terminal illnesses. These services provide the residents with a home away from home environment to age gracefully.

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