Understanding The Features That Make The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall Outstanding

Ever since 1989, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has opened its doors to the general public allowing visitors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and locals come in and out of the mall after finishing what had brought them there. Roberto Santiago is the man behind the famous Manaira Mall being one of the largest Malls in Brazil. Roberto had a vision of opening up a shopping mall that would provide various leisure options for people in his community. He wanted to build a place where people would come together and have fun while enjoying their recreational activities. Thus, bringing about the Manaira Shopping Mall can be described as a dream come true as the shopping mall serves the purpose of providing recreational options. According to international standard, the shopping mall has been seen to hold the standards of being called a mall considering is has a ballroom, hyper stores, movie theater, restaurants, shopping area, bowling areas and so on. This proves just how much Roberto wanted to create a recreational center which offers various leisure activities under one roof. Read more about the mall on exame.com.

Being an entrepreneur he is, Roberto took his time when creating the Manaira Shopping Mall to ensure it was up to the ante and up to standard. His interest and involvement in the entrainment industry came in handy as he had the knowledge of what to do and what to look into when setting up the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall. The movie theaters present at the mall have acted as tourist attraction sites considering some of these theaters are equipped with 3D tech which is highly advanced and up to standard. Roberto ensured that the shopping mall would cater all ages and every individual would have a good time. For the young people, the Game Station has them covered. The Game Station has more than two hundred game machines installed where the young ones can go and enjoy themselves while playing the numerous games. For kids who love bowling, they can also visit the bowling alley.

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Roberto aimed at providing an environment where the entire family can visit and have fun while pursuing the numerous recreational choices present. The Manaira Shopping Mall has every individual covered be it, kids or adults. This was Santiago’s dream, and he takes pride in seeing people visiting his mall and enjoying themselves. There is nothing good like knowing your dream came true which is evident for Roberto through his Manaira Shopping Mall.