The RealReal rising in popularity and revenue

Shopping is the heart of America, which is what the RealReal’s founder Julie Wainwright basically described to Forbes and since has transformed her company RealReal, based in San Francisco. The CEO has made an impact in the fashion industry and working as a CEO for other companies. Wainwright has worked for other companies but saw the potential in RealReal as it is set to make more than $500 million in revenue and as the brand has sold more than 8 million items with its 9 million fan base. The brand sells fashion items such as clothing, watches, bags, jewelry, and more. RealReal and other companies have been able to take items previously held by individuals and sell them to retailers and make money off of it. The brand has built up their social media presence to help and have opened stores in Los Angeles and New York, along with pop-up shops. Pop-up shops tend to build interest for people and that is what the RealReal CEO Wainwright believes. RealReal plans to keep expanding in the future and have a lot of different products. Other companies and retailers have collaborated with the company for selling their products and building a relationship with the different brands. Companies have seen it as very beneficial to work with others to extend their reach and marketing to others. The RealReal has seen more requests for collaboration as they are growing to sell more items. The company is playing to their strengths and is doing what they believe is right and using the power of online marketing. Aside from being successful, it is helping other companies by collaborating with them. The article ends on a note that other brands could be following in the RealReal’s stepping stones to be successful in the changing market. The market has changed and a lot of revenue can be made online as a result.