Sound Investment Solutions Being Provided By Richard Blair To His Clients

Wealth Solutions is the company of Richard Blair. It offers services to its clients to make it easier for them to grow as well as in managing their assets. In this way, clients are able to find a partner and advisor in Richard Blair. He is a highly experienced besides having the requisite qualifications too.


He has founded Wealth Solutions which is an Investment advisory firm. It is located in Austin, Texas. Currently, it is operating as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions feels that all should have a strong financial plan that will help them to pursue and achieve their financial goals. This is why he is helping the people in Austin, Texas, by offering them wealth management services, and retirement planning and much more.


The comprehensive three-pillar approach provided by his company is being appreciated by all. This is because it allows his firm to know about the current financial condition of their client along with their retirement requirements. This makes it easy to have a holistic plan for each client that will be customized as per their needs.


The first pillar is specifically designed in a way that can help the client in designing their financial roadmap. It helps in identifying their goals and strengths, besides their risk tolerance along with the growth opportunities. This helps to understand the client better and form a financial plan for them that they can follow.


The second pillar helps in developing a strategy that is long-term and able to meet the specific investment needs of any client. In this way, it gets customized as per the specific liquidity needs as well as investment goals of a client. Richard Blair is an expert in reallocating as well as managing assets as that helps in ensuring optimum performance for a client. It also helps in reducing the impact of this investment in case of a negative market.


The third pillar helps in determining the goals of a client. It also helps in establishing strategies that can help to achieve these goals. In this way, Richard Blair is meeting their insurance needs. This is through long-term care as well as life insurance in addition to annuities.


Richard Blair has a passion for offering financial services to individuals, besides small businesses as well as families. This has been influenced by the fact that his mother and grandmother were teachers and he could see how teaching helps to enhance knowledge and confidence.


For more information, connect with Richard Blair on LinkedIn.


Sour Grapes And Investing

– Why George Soros Will Likely Never Go Sour

You might see old age as eventually slowing down George Soros, but it actually seems to be making him stronger. His role in society continues to expand and to be influenced by a personal yet moral standard. That standard is where he now shows the world what it means to be successful and without losing the understanding of where he once came from.

For many, that’s a trying objective to achieve.

Yet for those few who can do it, they become the beacons of society and our greatest heroes. Still, let’s not pretend that this is some easy feat for the masses and individuals alike.  Learn more about his profile at

Making A Come Back

When Mr. Soros was said to be done with philanthropy, he turned the perception that critics had around and fast. It was George Soros who announced that he would no longer be involved with charity work regarding the public view.

What we saw afterward is enough to make us believe that he never intended to actually leave the work of philanthropy. Once he made his announcement to leave charity behind, all it took was one great opportunity to turn it all around. That opportunity came when Hilary Clinton made it public that she would run for U.S. Presidency.

This was all it took for the world to see George Soros back in the mix of things again.

And in the Soros style, George returned to the world stage with a big bang. You can call it a major “bang-for-your-buck.” The total amount donated to the Hilary Clinton presidential campaign was well over $10 million. This is a display that only George Soros could accomplish in full. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Leaving Behind A True Legacy

The influence of George Soros impact is clear in the legacy that he’s leaving behind. Besides being identified as one of the world’s most profound financial investors, George Soros is also recognized as a major figure in philanthropy. And it’s no surprise as to why. Before even explaining it to you, you already knew what this legacy was. …

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David Giertz – Ensuring Growth of NFS Distributors Inc through Strategic Business Planning

David Giertz is one of the leading financial executives in the United States and has over 30 years of experience working in the finance sector at He serves as the President of the Nationwide Financial Distribution and has helped the firm to grow its sale from $11 Billion to $17.8 Billion in just a few years. Under his supervision, Nationwide Financial Distribution has grown exponentially and has not only achieved its P&L targets but actually crossed the targets by a great margin. David Giertz has done his Bachelor in Science from Millikin University and completed his Masters in Business Administration from the Miami University.

Recently, David Giertz gave an interview to the highly respected media channel, the Wall Street Journal. In the interview, David talked about the importance of social security, and how many people are simply neglecting its importance in today’s date. David said that one of the primary reasons why many people are not including social security in their retirement planning, which actually they must, is because of the improper guidance provided by their financial advisor according to David Giertz said that the fact that the clauses of Social Security can be a bit complex for a layman to understand, which is why many financial advisors simply try to avoid the topic of social security with the clients.

In a research survey conducted by the Nationwide Financial Institute, it was found that there are millions of people in the country who do not have social security added to their retirement planning. The survey also reflected upon the anger of the people with their financial advisors on

David Giertz is also a highly respected business coach and received his certification from WABC. He has till date certified more than 100 business leaders as business coaches, which has helped in promoting the culture of training and coaching in the corporate world. It is a good trend that helps the executives to stay updated with the latest business techniques and strategies.