Sightsavers Learns About Eye Health While Helping With Restoration and Treatment

Sightsavers takes on many different diseases and works on the health of eyes. As anyone would know, eyesight is very important for people who have it. This is one of the reasons that they look for different ways to treat people who have eye problems. While they are looking at different treatments, they are also learning everything they can about eye health. One of the latest activities that Sightsavers has taken part in is the inclusive eye health project. This project has brought forth a lot of lessons that they have learned about collaborating with people to work on finding treatments for improving eye health.

One thing that Sightsavers has set out to do is learn how to increase access to eye health facilities. After all, eye health is every bit as important as other forms of health. Therefore, they need provision in the case they have an emergency with their eyes. They have ran this program in India so that they can see what they can do to make things better for people in the case they need access to help with their eye health. The experience has turned out to be an eye opening one.


Sightsavers has documented everything they have learned from their program. They are also taking what they have learned and applying it to everything they do moving forward. One thing they are applying to their experiences is how they collaborate with others. The importance with this is that it is important for people to work together to come up with a solution. One thing that would be bad is if people treat any aspect of living health as a competition. Sightsavers knows that the whole point to health is to solve health problems as opposed to trying to be the best in the industry.

Waiakea Water Comes from a Quality Source

It’s safe to say that the competition between bottled water and tap water is virtually nonexistent as more and more people have turned to drinking bottled water instead. With the water crisis that just occurred in Flint, Michigan many people look at bottled water as a much safer choice than what comes out of their faucets. However, it is still important to research bottled water brands thoroughly.

Even though it may not seem like it there can be drastic differences between bottled water brands. For instance, some brands aren’t completely truthful about where their water comes from. Many brands say that their water is naturally high in alkaline when it fact they run through a machine to give it its pH balance.

Though it probably is time consuming it pays to do research and find out exactly where the water you put in your body everyday is actually coming from. You are purchasing it with your hard earned money so you deserve to know these details.

Waiakea Water is confident in its product and has nothing to hide. Many believe that it is the bottled water of the future. That is a bold statement but in a relatively short amount of time Waiakea has already separated itself from much of the competition in the industry. Its unique approach and innovation is something companies in varying industries would like to copy. Not to mention, that Waiakea’s water definitely comes from a quality source.

Waiakea’s water is all natural alkaline water. We often overlook the importance of pH balance in what we consume but it is very important. Waiakea Water has a pH balance that is around 8.2. This means that the water is non-acidic unlike many other foods and drinks people consume on a daily basis. In fact a lot of bottled water is acidic.