The Magical–Yet Very Real–Waiakea Water

Waiakea is the volcanic water that originates from Hawaii. The new bottled water is degradable and this has reduced the packaging life expectancy by 98 percent. The technology that is being employed in the design of the bottles can be recycled by 100 percent. The bottle has embraced the technology of time last whereby an additive that can aid in the degradation of the bottle is added to it during its manufacture.

Fewer compounds are added to the plastic during its manufacture which helps in its degradation easily. The Waiakea volcanic water that is produced in Hawaii was founded in the year 2012. The water brand is certified carbon neutral. Ryann Emmons came up with the manufacture of the bottles after seeing the disadvantages of the other bottles.

The Waiakea bottle is friendly to the environment and offers unique health benefits that are of help to the communities in need. The company has grown immensely as a percentage of 4000 percent since its inception in the year 2012. The founder was just 22 years old. The Waiakea Company has experienced a growth rate of 170 percent that is calculated annually.

Local distributors were instrumental in the growth of the company as they signed deals at a faster rate followed by the Whole Foods Company. The company is worth 10 million dollars with the water originating from both rain and snow on a volcano. The sources of the water are the purest place on the Earth.

The water from the mountain is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Scientific research has proved that individuals taking 10 mg of silica present in the water reduces Alzheimer’s risk by 11 percent. The water from the mountain is naturally alkaline hence individuals taking in the water are bound to have the ionized minerals in their bodies.

The Waiakea water emanates from an aquifer that is rechargeable and the bottle packaged at a facility that uses renewable energy. The Waiakea water is among the first to be certified premium bottled water. The bottle is packaged at a high rate and the company has been certified as carbon- free. The founder has been in partnership with a charitable organization to reach out to communities in the far areas.