Conventional and Unconventional Investments

We’re a reliable partner to households and people throughout Texas and appreciate their requirement for tailored and responsive banking solutions.

Our bankers unite fiscal experience and insights with a large selection of products to make an excellent banking experience.

NexBank supplies a bundle of deposit and money management solutions which are customized for the personal banking needs. Our intention is to supply the most acceptable banking products to develop, protect and handle your funds.

Provides services for people with resources in both conventional and unconventional investments. Our core solutions expand to taxation, investment and commercial banking in Addition to institutional providers to appeal to the varied business and personal interests of the Customers

Our bankers deliver a high degree of focus on your job to ascertain the best financing plan and financing alternative.

Our customers turn to us to get fast, short-term lending options to satisfy their immediate funding requirements in order that they could move forward until permanent financing or another phase of financing is obtained.

NexBank provides short-term funding for property acquisitions and also to assist customers establish a working history, in preparation for getting a longer-term loan.

Our financing group provides timely recommendations and underwriting solutions to give funds quickly so that you can refinance your present debt or loans.

NexBank professionals help you in locating the best financing solution to acquire, enlarge, refinance or develop properties that will be occupied by your company.

We concentrate on the varied and technical needs of developers and contractors within our markets to help them secure funding so that they may move their project forward.

We provide tailored depository providers and technical interest-bearing accounts to fit the requirements of all Public Funds depositors. Our accounts are made particularly for municipal and government agencies and the regulations and requirements they function under.

Our high-yielding accounts create returns in your idle money, while providing stability and liquidity so that you can get your money fast.

Our competitive prices follow the fluctuations in the successful Federal Funds Rate.