Joe Arpaio Escapes Imprisonment by a Whisk

In the History of Maricopa County, there has never been such a brutal administration as that of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This was an administration that went on record as being the most oppressive and inhumane against the immigrants’ communities. These communities which consisted of the Latinos and the Hispanics were so unlucky to have Arpaio as the Sheriff for almost two decades.

Throughout this period, the two communities were subjected to pains which they never deserved to endure. Some of the oppressive activities to which they were subjected included illegal arrests and also torture whenever they were detained. The immigrants were also subjected to more severe punishment compared to the Natives Americans, whenever they were arrested with genuine offenses. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Despite having several media houses in the county and the media having the freedom of speech in the whole of the United States, things were different in Maricopa. No media house could attempt to speak out about the oppression of the immigrants. The sheriff and his officers had intimidated the media to the extent of staying silent even when impunity and brutality were the order of the day.

They feared that they would also fall into the hands of the same brutal administrative officers and hence they decided to maintain silence for their safety. All this came to an end in 2007 when Jim Larkin and his co-owner of the Village Voice Media, Michael Lacey got fed up with the threats and intimidation of the Sheriff. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The two decided that they would endure all the repercussions that would follow but ensure that they exposed the misdeeds of the sheriff and his entire office. In their newspaper, Jim and Lacey published the secretive strategies that Sheriff Arpaio used to demean and mistreat the immigrants.

They also made public the formation of an illegal Grand Jury that had been constituted by the officers of Arpaio with the intention of executing the Latinos outside the courts of law. This upset the sheriff, and as it was his routine to those who went against his wish, he ordered the police officers of the county administration to detain the two journalists.

That night, the homes of Lacey and Larkin were invaded by a huge contingent of armed county officers who dragged the duo out of their houses in front of their wives and children in a very humiliating manner. They were both taken to the county headquarters where they spent the night under heavy police surveillance. In the next morning, Jim and his colleague, Lacey were released following a huge outcry of the public. The public had become very upset after receiving the news of their arrests.

One thing that Michael and Jim were determined was to ensure that such detentions were never subjected to any other citizen from any ethnicity whatsoever.

They took Sheriff Arpaio to court where he was charged with illegally arresting and detaining the duo and some other citizens of the Latino ethnic group. The judge ruled the case and concluded that the sheriff was guilty and deserved to be sentenced to imprisonment. However, Arpaio was never arrested due to the interference of President Trump who pardoned him.