Talos Energy: Growing Profits by the Barrel

In the midst of the disaster left behind by Hurricane Harvey, a deal was forged between Talos Energy and the then bankrupt Stone Energy. Behind the computer screen where the deal took place, sat the head of the Talos Energy, Tim Duncan. Duncan, Talos’ Chief Executive, worked tirelessly from the safety of his parent’s dry Houston home to ensure the $2.5 million merger deal would take place. Once the merger is active, Duncan will be in charge of company who holds an annual revenue of $900 million! Before obtaining the title of Chief Executive of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan began his oil industry adventure in 1996 when he started working for Zilkha Energy. Zilkha began to understand the technological trends for seismic measuring and bought multiples of shallow-water leases in the early days.

After only one year, the company sold for $1.2 million. Duncan would then go on to assist in launching Gryphon Exploration in 2000 and a few years later cofounded Phoenix Exploration in 2006. In 2012, Tim Duncan, with funding from Riverstone and Apollo, founded Talos Energy. Talos Energy is an offshore drilling company based in Houston, Texas, and at the turn of the merger, will host the majority of offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico waters. These rigs will not only be in American territory, but Duncan will work to ensure the safety of drilling in Mexico’s offshore territories as well.

Duncan has been cited by oil industry professionals as having a knack for taking disaster situations and turning them into profitable attempts. Point in case, in 2005, Hurricane Rita demolished a 13,000 ton Chevron platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy stepped forward to assist in cleaning up the damaged platform and would eventually take over the platform, now producing roughly 16,000 barrels per day.Today, the Gulf of Mexico is responsible for producing 1.6 million barrels every single day. Tim Duncan knows that offshore drilling can be extremely expensive and dangerous, but can be extensively rewarding for many decades to come, compared to onshore drilling that can run dry after a short time.

How OSI Industries Is Giving You Tasty Foods To Enjoy

Whenever you stop at your favorite fast food restaurant to get a burger, you might not think about just how much work goes into making that burger just right and making sure it’s healthy to eat. OSI Industries is a company that processes that meat and supplies it to multiple chains including McDonald’s, Subway, Wendy’s and even some of Starbucks’s breakfast items. It’s a real challenging business to deliver these quality meats because workers at the processing plants have to cut them up very quickly and have them packaged and ready to ship in a heartbeat. OSI Industries has found ways to take on the challenges of the industry with improved safety and efficiency, and it all began over 100 years ago.

The original family who owned OSI Industries was the Kolschowsky family. Otto Kolschowsky started it as a butcher shop in Chicago back in 1909 and later expanded it into a wholesale meat market store. The company was originally named Otto & Sons because his sons kept the company up and running after Otto had passed away, and by the middle of the 1950s they teamed up with McDonald’s as its first major meat supplier, and that partnership has now lasted over 60 years. Otto & Sons was popular in the local area, but McDonald’s was expanding its restaurants to places across the Atlantic and Pacific, and in order for Otto & Sons to be able to keep up with their partner, they needed someone who could raise the capital for their company to do so. That’s when Sheldon Lavin came on the scene starting off as a financial consultant for the company, but then eventually becoming an executive and then the CEO with an ownership stake. Lavin has been with the company over 40 years and continues to be passionate about it today. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Lavin and OSI Industries President David McDonald have built a presence in 17 different countries with 50 different factories, and they were listed in a meat magazine as the 10th largest meat supplier in the world. Recently they bought out Baho Food and Flagship Europe to grow a greater presence in the European markets, and they’ve been in China now for over 20 years. What OSI Industries leaders say makes this company unique is how they’ve upheld a family traditional way of running it, and according to one work magazine many workers end up staying at OSI Industries for the long-term due to the comfort levels they have there. OSI Food Solutions UK Awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council

The Iconic Success Path of Mike Baur

When trying to beat difficulty, business visionaries should look to the case of people who have prevailing at overcoming comparable circumstances. The account of Mike Baur is a superb case of how entrepreneurial vision and the fearlessness to challenge solid opponents can prompt phenomenal achievement.


In the same way as other business people, Mike Baur has felt a powerful urge to be an awesome business visionary from a youthful age. Be that as it may, since entrepreneurial endeavors were more hard to begin before the Internet unrest, Baur concentrated on completing school. In the wake of winning an apprenticeship at UBS, Baur steadily worked his way up to a high position at the organization. By 2000, Baur was working in the private keeping money division of UBS as the right hand to the overseeing executive.


From Baur’s position at the best levels of fund, he could see business openings in keeping money from a special point of view. Thus, Baur wound up noticeably perceived by the CEO of Clariden Leu, who employed him on to deal with the association’s operations in the Zurich range. Baur qualities the way that he was employed to his entrepreneurial abilities since he was given broad opportunity to sustain entrepreneurial answers for challenges confronted by Clariden Leu.


Amid the monetary emergency, Baur wound up plainly disappointed with his partners who were hesitant to seize openings that emerged as a result of the market turmoil. In spite of the fact that Baur remained on in his position, he started to see the issue at built up firms with smug chiefs who neglect to adjust and make conclusive move. Baur trusted that the managing an account industry was particularly smug, and he saw solid interest for an entrepreneurial firm that would be proactive and anxious to adjust to changes.


The Swiss Startup Factory


At the point when Clariden Leu was procured inside and out by Credit Suisse in 2011, Baur realized that his capacity to act in an entrepreneurial way would be smothered by organization. Along these lines, Baur started to consider an arrangement for the Swiss Startup Factory, a business hatchery situated in Zurich that would be bolstered just by private gatherings. Despite the fact that there were numerous hatcheries accessible in Switzerland, not very many of them were not financed by the administration somehow. By keeping the Swiss Startup Factory in private hands, business visionaries could amplify their opportunity to enhance without prohibitive principles or bureaucratic wastefulness.


Mike Baur began by assembling a completely looked into marketable strategy with the assistance of his guide, Jean-Claude Biver. Subsequent to acquiring bolster from his significant other and two accomplices, Baur took the jump and authoritatively propelled the Swiss Startup Factory.


Propelling the Swiss Startup Factory was troublesome at first for Baur on the grounds that he needed to juggle a few obligations without a moment’s delay. Propelling the Swiss Startup Factory required the greater part of Baur’s opportunity. Notwithstanding, Baur likewise needed to commit around 35 percent of his chance as a vital guide for extensive Swiss managing an account firms. In the mean time, it was likewise basic for Baur to visit colleges to spread the message about his new business quickening agent to aggressive business people.


In spite of the difficulties that were at first exhibited to Baur, he could defeat them from a beginning time. Around 30 percent of the new organizations that joined the Swiss Startup Factory were in fund, however Baur figured out how to draw in organizations in an extensive variety of businesses. Today, the Swiss Startup Factory is a standout amongst the best business hatcheries in Switzerland.


Leader and Law Maker- Anthony Petrello

He is a lawyer by profession and a leader who for an extended period of time has portrayed positive leadership skills in whatever position he has been given. After Anthony’s Petrello’s High School graduation he had a passion for being a law maker so he joined Harvard Law School and graduated with a J.D degree from the institution. Later he went back to school and pursued M.S and B.S degrees in mathematics from Yale University. Mr. Tony as he is known by many is an ambitious man who does not settle for anything less instead he goes for his dreams and achieves the goals he has set for himself and learn more about Anthony.

In 1991 Anthony was appointed by Nabors industries as the Chief Operating Officer of the organization. Tony also served on the company’s Board as the Board of Director and the Executive Committee of the Board. Being a committed person, Tony climbed the career ladder and in 2011 he was appointed to the position of the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Before joining Nabors Industries Company; Nabors Anthony Petrello worked as a Managing Partner of a law firm in New York known as Baker & McKenzie from 1979 to 1991. Since he joined Nabors Industries he has held various leadership positions including; being the Deputy Chairman of the group and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

Anthony has also held other managerial position in different organizations including being a director at Stewart& Stevenson LLC, Texas Children’s Hospital Inc., and also as a Director at MediaOnDemand.com. Tony is also involved in other philanthropic activities in the community such as being an advocate for study as well as medical programs that are responsible for addressing the needs of children with neurological conditions. Nabors was established in 1986 and it was known as Anglo Energy Ltd before its name to Nabors and read full article.

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Swiss Based Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Swiss entrepreneur Mike Baur is the co founder of one of the most innovative companies in Switzerland. He currently runs a company known as Swiss Startup Factory which helps entrepreneurs launch and operate their businesses. While the company has been in existence for only a few years, it has emerged as one of the more successful. Before Mike started up his own company, he spent a decade investing in startup companies which allowed him to earn high profits. Prior to getting involved with startup investing, Baur worked for banks where he would often meet with entrepreneurs to discuss their financing needs. This allowed Mike the opportunity to get first hand experience with business owners and help them realize their potential.


Mike Baur has had a long career working with startup businesses. His various career experiences have allowed him to gain a considerable amount of knowledge on what startup companies need in order to be successful. With his banking experience, Mike got his first experiences with business owners who were looking to start up companies. He was always talking to them about their business idea and then about their financial needs. Baur would go over their business idea, its profit potential and demand. If things looked promising, he would then approve funding in the form of loans.


While he had a successful career in banking for twenty years, Mike wanted to go on to more rewarding business opportunities. He would begin investing his money in startup businesses. This allowed him to evaluate companies and put his own funds into the ones that he believed had the most potential to succeed. For Mike, this activity was very lucrative and allowed him to achieve high levels of financial success.


After investing in a number of startup companies, Baur would move on to become a business owner of a startup company himself. He named his new company Swiss Startup Factory which adopted a business model similar to banking and investing. The company operates by allowing entrepreneurs to present their business idea and then have it evaluated. When selected, the business would receive guidance in the form of mentorship and coaching. The assistance provided by Swiss Startup Factory consists of providing advice on things such as financial management, investing, marketing, management and product development.