Gareth Henry: the “rising star.”

Having studied at the Edinburgh University in Scotland, Gareth Henry graduated in the year 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in actuarial mathematics. He then joined Schroders management group and investment firm where he worked in up until 2007. He served as an analyst who was tasked with checking on financial securities besides analyzing pitch books and reports.

In 2007 he immigrated to the US to serve as the managing director of the fortress investment firm. He was tasked with overseeing the expansion of the firm to Europe as well as the middle east through various marketing programs.

His other roles in the firm included managing the company’s wealth funds and strengthening the insurance relationships with other various countries.

Of late, Gareth Henry has led the company in focusing in investing in Brazil. With the elections due, he believes that Dilma Rousseff, the current president will lose the election and this will lead to an increase in the growth of the Brazilian asset market.

Henry also considers Scotland, a country that had a recent independence vote which failed, as a tremendous investment opportunity ready to be utilized. Regardless of the uncertainty in the country, the market trade is expected to grow by a more significant percent.

Gareth Henry was the head and leader of the professionals whose main task was strengthening the fortress firm liquid market. Through this, Henry and his team oversaw sale strategies and improved the relationships across their private equity and their income businesses.

Henry notes that his typical day begins at dawn where he makes various calls to the Asian offices. After which he continues transacting Gareth Henry’s businesses in Newyork. He also believes in exercises for his fitness during the morning hours. His passion has been a critical factor in his life for his success besides ensuring that he utilizes all opportunities presented to him.

Through his effortless determination, Gareth Henry has led the company in achieving the award of the Hedge fund firm of the year. This fete identifies and awards firms based on their creativity and contributions to the society.

He was also recognized during the event as a “rising star” that has aided in raising capital for the firm besides enhancing clients relationships all over the world.

Talkspace, Changing the Way Individual Receive Care

Talkspace is a virtual company providing mental health services via the internet. Talkspace provides individuals the ability to use their cell phone, computer, or tablet to access care from anywhere. Founded in 2012, the Talkspace has attempted to keep up with the technology area and change the way individual receive mental health services. With such an innovative way for clients in need of care mental health services, looking to find a therapist in real-time, it is no wonder Michael Phelps has chosen to join their team. Michael Phelps is a five-time Olympian and considered one the most decorated of all time, holding an Olympic record with 28 metals in swimming. Phelps, who struggles from depression and anxiety, serves on the board of director of Talkspace and has high hopes of helping the company fight the stigma associated with mental health.

In the article, “A Day in the Life of a Talkspace Therapist”, provides an in-depth look at the role of the virtual therapist, how they provide services to their client’s and how they manage their own lives and mental health. The therapist interviewed in the article, Melissa Moreno, discussed her need to be in a good mental space when providing services to clients on Talkspace. Moreno stressed that, even for as a therapist, there is a need for her to engage in self-care, have balance her personal life, and support her family. In addition, Moreno discussed the benefits of working for Talkspace and how the company provides therapists an opportunity to escape from the traditional 9-5 job and have the flexibility to work their hours from home. Another therapist, Samantha White, discussed how her own therapy, after thoughts of suicide, motivated her to provide counseling to others. As someone who has been in the shoes of her clients, Whites appreciates being able to help people at any time of day, in the comfort of their own home.

Overall, virtual mental health services are beneficial and needed, as shown by the success of Talkspace.

Crossing the Border with Anil Chaturvedi

In the world of finance everyone is considered important. None more so than the banker who is in charge of transacting deals especially on the international level? This takes a lot of talent, luck and time. Anil Chaturvedi has been bridging international banking for over forty years. Can you imagine the amount of knowledge and successful deals that had to have been made to achieve this level of longevity?

Anil Chaturvedi has seen a lot in his life of banking. Specializing in personal, corporate and investing banking as well as advisory his input on the global markets and investment is to be taken seriously. Earning his B.A. from Chardhary Charan Singh University and his M.B.A. from Delhi University in Marketing and Finance; Anil his been on track to create a meaningful career in the world of banking form the start. He has worked at numerous international banks in the past 4 decades challenging him to use his skill for cross border transactions between India and Europe. Anil Chaturvedi has also worked with Merrill Lynch, State Street and other banking institutions in New York City.


In 2011 Anil Chaturvedi became the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank located in Switzerland. His focus is on the development of the corporate business advisory. His outlook is still based on more cross border transactions with different countries as well as merging with others for greater banking strength. Anil is also looking into mergers and capital rising. His years of banking knowledge is put to good use as he finds ways to further develop Hinduja Bank info a greater banking institution. One of Anil’s assets to the bank is his skills in training others to lead. This gives them a strong foundation in different areas of the company that lead back to him. Anil also creates business models for banking as he has done with other banks in the past. His being accountable for regulatory, product development and other areas have enhanced his knowledge making him a force in any bank or financial institution he has been at. Truly, a voice to listen to.

Clayton Hutson Is A Musical Production Manager And Sound Engineer Who Pays Close Attention To The Details

Clayton Hutson is a businessman who works in the music industry, and he has helped many musicians to up their game at their live shows. He always seeks to make the artistic vision of the musicians he works with the most important point of focus. He studied theatre design in college and has worked with companies in the live entertainment industry in order to improve his skills. Hutson has served as a sound engineer and a project manager and is now an entrepreneur who has gone into business for himself. He has worked with many well known individuals including Billy Graham, Pink, Kid Rock, Guns’n’Roses, and Garbage.

In an interview, Clayton Hutson was asked where the idea for his company came from, and he responded that his experience in the music industry, itself, is what got him to thinking about starting his own business up. During his days working with other companies, he was able to perfect his skills and learn all of the ins and outs of the industry. It was during a time of recession when he decided to go out on his own and startup his own production management company. Hutson has revealed that his typical day of late starts out very early in the morning. He has been focusing more on stage management recently and has been working with Kid Rock. His work begins before anyone else shows up to a venue, and it is his job to thoroughly plan everything out before it takes place.

Clayton Hutson can see his ideas for lighting, sound, and how a set will be designed in his head before he implements it. He knows an unusual amount of details about all of the equipment and inner workings of the venues he is setting up, and he has to because everything depends upon him getting it right. As an entrepreneur, he always focuses on being steps ahead of the moment so that nothing takes him by surprise. He is that one person who is always going the extra distance to take care of everything, which includes all of the boring details that many other people in his industry ignore. Clayton Hutson always checks equipment and specific arrangements twice before moving forward with anything because he is fully aware of what can happen if something doesn’t work during a live show. This attention to detail and his willingness to extra work hard have gained him the attention of many popular musicians.

The RealReal rising in popularity and revenue

Shopping is the heart of America, which is what the RealReal’s founder Julie Wainwright basically described to Forbes and since has transformed her company RealReal, based in San Francisco. The CEO has made an impact in the fashion industry and working as a CEO for other companies. Wainwright has worked for other companies but saw the potential in RealReal as it is set to make more than $500 million in revenue and as the brand has sold more than 8 million items with its 9 million fan base. The brand sells fashion items such as clothing, watches, bags, jewelry, and more. RealReal and other companies have been able to take items previously held by individuals and sell them to retailers and make money off of it. The brand has built up their social media presence to help and have opened stores in Los Angeles and New York, along with pop-up shops. Pop-up shops tend to build interest for people and that is what the RealReal CEO Wainwright believes. RealReal plans to keep expanding in the future and have a lot of different products. Other companies and retailers have collaborated with the company for selling their products and building a relationship with the different brands. Companies have seen it as very beneficial to work with others to extend their reach and marketing to others. The RealReal has seen more requests for collaboration as they are growing to sell more items. The company is playing to their strengths and is doing what they believe is right and using the power of online marketing. Aside from being successful, it is helping other companies by collaborating with them. The article ends on a note that other brands could be following in the RealReal’s stepping stones to be successful in the changing market. The market has changed and a lot of revenue can be made online as a result.

Joe Arpaio Escapes Imprisonment by a Whisk

In the History of Maricopa County, there has never been such a brutal administration as that of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This was an administration that went on record as being the most oppressive and inhumane against the immigrants’ communities. These communities which consisted of the Latinos and the Hispanics were so unlucky to have Arpaio as the Sheriff for almost two decades.

Throughout this period, the two communities were subjected to pains which they never deserved to endure. Some of the oppressive activities to which they were subjected included illegal arrests and also torture whenever they were detained. The immigrants were also subjected to more severe punishment compared to the Natives Americans, whenever they were arrested with genuine offenses. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Despite having several media houses in the county and the media having the freedom of speech in the whole of the United States, things were different in Maricopa. No media house could attempt to speak out about the oppression of the immigrants. The sheriff and his officers had intimidated the media to the extent of staying silent even when impunity and brutality were the order of the day.

They feared that they would also fall into the hands of the same brutal administrative officers and hence they decided to maintain silence for their safety. All this came to an end in 2007 when Jim Larkin and his co-owner of the Village Voice Media, Michael Lacey got fed up with the threats and intimidation of the Sheriff. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The two decided that they would endure all the repercussions that would follow but ensure that they exposed the misdeeds of the sheriff and his entire office. In their newspaper, Jim and Lacey published the secretive strategies that Sheriff Arpaio used to demean and mistreat the immigrants.

They also made public the formation of an illegal Grand Jury that had been constituted by the officers of Arpaio with the intention of executing the Latinos outside the courts of law. This upset the sheriff, and as it was his routine to those who went against his wish, he ordered the police officers of the county administration to detain the two journalists.

That night, the homes of Lacey and Larkin were invaded by a huge contingent of armed county officers who dragged the duo out of their houses in front of their wives and children in a very humiliating manner. They were both taken to the county headquarters where they spent the night under heavy police surveillance. In the next morning, Jim and his colleague, Lacey were released following a huge outcry of the public. The public had become very upset after receiving the news of their arrests.

One thing that Michael and Jim were determined was to ensure that such detentions were never subjected to any other citizen from any ethnicity whatsoever.

They took Sheriff Arpaio to court where he was charged with illegally arresting and detaining the duo and some other citizens of the Latino ethnic group. The judge ruled the case and concluded that the sheriff was guilty and deserved to be sentenced to imprisonment. However, Arpaio was never arrested due to the interference of President Trump who pardoned him.

The Creative Retreat of Alex Pall

Grammy-winning musician Alex Pall is better known as half of the DJ duo Chainsmokers. Becoming successful in the music industry, especially in the DJ genre, involves innovative collaborations that touch its listeners and keeps them eager for more. The songs the Chainsmokers release are either written entirely or with significant input from Pall and Andrew Taggart, the other half of Chainsmokers. The life experiences put into their songs feel genuine, because they are, and their fans love it. To feed his creative soul, Alex Pall can merely head home to his LA retreat.

Alex Pall would surprise many who enter the Hollywood Hills home he purchased two years ago. With an image of being a hip and modern music artist, you might expect white walls and minimalist design. Instead, his eclectic home is an unusual mix of eras and styles that shocks the senses. Being welcomed into “Chateau Mooshu” (Pall’s dog) featured on a marquee sign in the entry starts the show.

Pall’s 1930’s home had separate renovations in the 80’s and 90’s. When Alex moved in, he felt very at home with the odd spaces. Peti Lau, a New York City designer, was hired to expand on the pieces he already owned. The completed rooms are individually unique, yet the whole house feels cohesive.

The springboard for the design was Alex Pall’s collection of contemporary art. People may not associate Pall with fine art, but his appreciation for the artwork’s bold colors and exciting themes began his collecting. Featured throughout his house, this provides points of rest and contemplation for the viewer.

The ingenious design scheme can be summed up by walking through the 1980’s-inspired kitchen where graffiti-look walls balance with neon lights, a farmer’s table, and crystal chandeliers. Throughout the house you find striking colors, art from across the world and designs pulled from every decade. It feels chaotic, yet serene at the same time.

No wonder Alex Pall and the Chainsmokers keep evolving. Having an open mind and taking in the world around him keeps the ideas fresh so that he can put them into his music.

Professional Words Of Advice From Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus has been given prestigious titles such as Personality of the Year and Executive of Valor by many Brazilian magazines and news outlets. He has also been managed to be internationally recognized by several governments all around the world. In his home country of Brazil, he is known as the best businessman in the tourism industry.

Guilherme Paulus is the founder of the largest tourist operator and all of Latin America, the CVC travel agency. He founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts Network in 2005 with only one establishment and turned it into the largest hotel chain in leisure tourism and events. He acquired a small airline in 2006 that went by the name Webjet. Guilherme Paulus transformed the airline into the third largest airline that operates in the country of beautiful Brazil. Visit Bloomberg to learn more.

In 2012, he was given honors by the French government for the many contributions that he made to the development and promotion of tourism in France. Other countries that have recognized his services in tourism are Mexico, Venezuela, the United States and Argentina. He has been a member of the national tourism Council since 2003 and is only entrepreneur in the sector that has managed to integrate the economic and social Development Council of the federal government.

The many entrepreneurial accomplishments of Guilherme Paulus have led him to obtain massive wealth. He has recently joined the ranks of the world’s billionaires and has a net worth of approximately 1.1 billion dollars. What’s the secret to success? For him, the answer is simple. Love the customer. To Paulus, the customer is what is most important of all. He states that the customer is the coffee, the lunch, the dinner and the gas. When you gain a customer, you not only gaining customer but also a friend. His business philosophies and extraordinary work ethic have led him to achieve the level of success that he has earned throughout the years. He has listed several characteristics that he believes are necessary in any profession. Guilherme suggest for people to not be afraid to take a risk, to always be optimistic, to stay determined and to love what you do.