Igor Cornelsen Trusts His Own Analysis Of The Stock Market Over The Opinions Of Others

Igor Cornelsen is an investor and entrepreneur who was born in Brazil. He studied to be an engineer when he was younger but ended working for an investment bank after his education. He eventually became well-known for his banking skills and ended up serving Multibanco as a member of its board of directors. Just a couple of years after this he became the chief executive officer of Multibanco. In 1978, Bank of America acquied Multibanco and Cornelsen moved on to work with Unibanco. Years later, he left Unibanco to serve at Libra Bank PLC.

Igor Cornelsen went to work for the banking sector, originally, due to his gift with numbers. He was also able to use that gift to invest in the stock market and win. Today, he wakes up early in the morning and begins to study the stock market as well as the economy and specific companies he might consider investing in. He makes determined stock purchases and will quickly sell assets that he has in other countries if he believes their economy is deteriorating for any reason. He loves to find trends before others do because it gives him the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a possible solid investment.

Igor Cornelsen is a more productive investor because of his ability to focus in on the real news versus opinion and speculation. He likes to watch news channels that are not biased and feels that Reuters is one of these kinds of channels. He advises young investors to read a lot about the investments they might make but to not pay too much attention to others analysis’s about them. Igor Cornelsen remembers when everyone was claiming that the euro was going to disappear after a European recession, but he had other ideas and was correct. He also made a right decision to sell off all of his Brazilian assets in 2010 before many others did the same. This was because he had a hunch that the the country’s new government was implementing a failed economic model. While some disagreed with him, those who followed his lead avoided losing a lot of money.

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