How Penelope Kokinides Employed Innovativeness To Advance Her Career In Healthcare

Penelope Kokkinides is a career woman that has spent close more than three decades in the healthcare industry, both public and private sector. The experience gained here has professed her as an industry leader and a beacon of hope for young women professionals following in her footsteps. Her exemplary role in advancing the quality of healthcare for the American population both in the public and private service saw her tapped as one of the industry representatives to meet President Trump during a recent industry Briefing.


How does innovativeness come to play?


Kokkinides graduated from Birmingham University with bachelors in Biological Sciences at a time when the government was quickly rolling out the Medicare and Medicaid programs. She was quickly absorbed to assist with the implementation of the government problems. Right from the onset, Penelope understood that it is only through innovativeness that she would climb up the success ladder here and influence positive changes in the quality of care advanced to her fellow Americans.


She would, therefore, delve deep into coming up with innovative clinical programs for her patients and institutions alike. Her contributions to the industry would involve coming up with strategies and programs that strike a balance between quality health for her patients and maximal utilization of healthcare facilities infrastructure.


Shifting to the private sector


After helping with the implementation and development of government healthcare programs for over 15 years, Penelope Kokkinides made a jump for the private sector. She would first stop as Aveta Healthcare Inc. where she served as the Vice President of Clinical Operations. Here she was served with the responsibility of developing operational programs for the facility.


She would later move on to Touchstone health where she served as their Chief Operating Officer. Her prowess in innovativeness would, however, manifest during her stay at Centerlight Health Systems where the clinical systems she helped devise are still in application. Today, Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for Innovacare health.


Meeting President Trump


Apart from employing her innovativeness in helping come with better health programs for both the patient and patient, Penelope Kokkinides is also people driven. She is particularly selfless in championing the healthcare rights of others. This was manifested during her recent visit to the White House when she used her time with President Trump to advocate for the healthcare rights for the Puerto Ricans. She helped the President understand how budget caps on healthcare had negatively impacted the island residents. The result of these would be adjustments in the allocation of funds to Puerto Rico.


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