Paul Mampilly: Comparison between the Stock Market and Cryptocurrency

Paul Mampilly, a member of Banyan Hill Publishing Company, has recently posted his views on the trends that he has observed in the cryptocurrency markets. The cryptocurrency markets have been one of the most recent phenomena for young investors. There have been stories of individuals gaining incredibly large and returns on their investments in very short periods of time. Over the last year, the entire cryptocurrency market appreciated in value by several thousand percents.

Banyan Hill Publishing Company has produced a number of articles regarding the views of their investment professionals on the trends that have been observed in the cryptocurrency industry. Follow Paul on Medium. Paul Mampilly is a well-respected investment analyst. He has had experience working on Wall Street before becoming an independent investment advice columnist. He believes that the trends that are occurring in the cryptocurrency industry are scarily reminiscent of the same trends that occurred during the bubble that happened in the stock market of technology companies in the late 1990s and early 2000’s. At this time he had just begun to become fairly successful as an investor, and he had many friends who were going crazy because they were experiencing such large returns on the investments that they had made in the stock market.

Paul Mampilly tells his readers that it is important to remember that the bubble that occurred in the stock market during the late 1990s was not a bunch of no-name companies. It was a number of incredibly important companies that represented a huge portion of the stock market. Many of these companies continue to operate even today. For example, Paul Mampilly recalls an individual who had purchased stock in the company QUALCOMM. The stock that they had purchased had appreciated by over 2600%. That same friend had held several other stocks from technology companies that were up over 1000% as well. Paul Mampilly noticed at the time in 1999 that the indications were there that the technology markets were experiencing a bubble and sold all of his stocks just before the bubble exploded. His friends, however, had continued to hold their stocks and managed to lose significant portions of their investments.

In the late 1990s, Paul Mampilly believes that maybe had made a mistake whenever he sold his stocks. They continue to increase. However, in the early 2000’s all of that change. While Paul Mampilly did not sell at the very peak of the bubble he did sell before the bubble popped and was able to keep some of his investments. Check:


Let’s Learn About William Saito, A Great American Businessperson

William Saito is an American businessperson, software developer, venture capitalist, cybersecurity expert, and writer. Though most people never start their own businesses, let alone successful business entities, Mr. Saito founded his first business while still attending high school, I/O Software.

Back in 1991, when Mr. Saito created I/O Software, the world of computer software was largely unexplored and undeniably underserved. Although there are countless programs available today – many of which are likely completely free – that facilitate the use of Japanese characters on computers with operating systems that run using the English language, I/O Software was the very first such program to pioneer the capability.

I/O Software’s assets were wholly divested by founder William Saito to Microsoft in 2004 following four years of partnership with the world’s largest software company.

After the sale of I/O Software, Mr. William Saito decided to enter the world of venture capitalism – but not in his home country of the United States, where he’d also spent his entire life – in Japan.

While in Japan, William Saito constantly honed his cybersecurity familiarity and technical knowledge. The ongoing effort paid off in 2013 when the Japanese government’s Cabinet Office hired Saito as an advisor in 2013. Mr. Saito’s tenure as the official advisor of the government bureau lasted four years. Throughout that four-year period, he also was named the advisor to Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

Saito constantly helps others around the globe by pumping Forbes with quality content related to cybersecurity


On April 20, 2017, Forbes published Mr. William H. Saito’s – Saito’s full name that he writes as – What Fukushima Disaster Taught Me About Risk Management In Cybersecurity.


Just over seven years ago, in March 2011, a nuclear reactor in Fukushima, Japan, exploded, causing a major earthquake that led to a big-time tsunami. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant was rendered dead alongside countless Japanese citizens that were killed directly from blast exposure, the earthquake, and the major tsunami wave that followed.


Even though the plant was considerably well-managed, it obviously failed. Mr. Saito holds this perspective to everything related to cybersecurity across business endeavors. Cyber-attacks can always render businesses heavily damaged, if not entirely obsolete, a lesson he learned via the unlikely lesson of the 2011 Japanese nuclear reactor disaster.

Kamil Idris speaks about intellectual property protection.

Kamil Idris speaks about intellectual property protection. Professor Kamil Idris has for a long time focused his effort on matters to do with intellectual properties, and he is the director for the World Intellectual Property Organization that is headquartered in Geneva. He has posted writings on regarding topics about intellectual property. Recently, professor Kamil Idris wrote about the efforts of the President Trump administration to push for China to finally enact policies concerning intellectual property rights. Manufacturers with the roots from China have had the habit of copying products of Western origin especially from the United States of America. Products that have been copied by the Chinese manufacturers have been known to fetch a fraction of the intended price on the market. However, the Trump administration has called it quits, and as professor Kamil Idris indicates, tariffs of $100 billion are to be levied on exports to China. The efforts are aimed at putting pressure on the Chinese government so that they can also enact intellectual property protection policies. Many critics are of the opinion that the strategy of the Trump Administration is likely to backfire.


Scott Kennedy works with the Centre for Strategic and International Studies as an economic analyst, and he points out that the pressure is a good thing that may lead the Chinese to yield. However, Scott is of the opinion that the Trump Administration has not done enough preparation concerning coming to an agreement with their partners and in the areas of labour and business. Orville Schell works with the Asia Society and is an expert on matters regarding, and he states that the move by President Donald Trump has caught China by surprise. He adds that China might now be finally worried and also advises that the Trump Administration still has a long way to go in fighting the theft of intellectual property. A vast number of China experts are in agreement with the stand that the issues to do with intellectual property rights are getting better under the watch of the Trump Administration. Also, many of these experts point out that the problem of intellectual property was being worked on by the Obama Administration but did not go as far as intended due to political constraints. Intellectual property rights is a crucial issue that has been dreading the economy of Western governments. Those with a keen eye on the protection of intellectual property rights are hopeful for a better economic future.




Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff – Sean Penns New Novel

Sean Penn has written, produced and directed many movies on the big screen. He has gone to Haiti to help with the aftermath of a disastrous hurricane. He has interviewed Mexican drug lords and and presidents from other countries. Sean Penn has received a couple Academy Awards for best actor. He has done and accomplished so much in his life. To add to the list of his accomplishments, he wrote a new novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. Sean Penn has decided to take time off from the big screen, and focus on his new journey of being a novelist. Penn says he decided to start writing because he was sick of dealing with people in the movie industry. He wanted to be able to write freely and if a publisher liked his book, then they would publish it. He was able to write on his own about what he wanted and not have to deal other peoples thoughts and opinions. Penn currently has another novel he is working on. He is very enthusiastic about the new project.


In Penn’s new novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“, he focuses on the ironies of modern day politics. He also focuses on everyday life and how strange and amusing it can be. Bob, the character in the novel is a lot like Penn himself. Some people would even say the character is indeed Sean Penn. They share the same thoughts on politics and really have a lot in common. Penn compares the landlord in the book to Trump. Stating that he should be impeached. In the book, he also talks about North Korea, the #metoo movement and the Las Vegas shootings. Penn is a true political activist and you can see it within his new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. While writing the book, he was able to express his opinions on touchy subjects. Subjects that he could not focus on while working in the film industry. Penn has used his new novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, to express his feelings about modern society.


Talk Fusion Releases New Fusion on the Go App for Seamless Interactions

For the companies to make a positive and lasting impact on the customers, the marketing methods used have to be innovative and creative. There are just so many companies trying to win the customers in just about every sector that without being creative, it is difficult to take the lead. One of the ways that have been becoming highly popular among the companies of all sizes is video marketing. Talk Fusion is a company that has been leading the video marketing field for a very long time and offers a wide range of products and services that are best in class in this field.


The company was the first one to launch the video e-mail, which is a new concept that has been captivating the customers as well as the clients. When an e-mail is embedded with a personalized video, the end users are touched with the creativity as well as the concern for the customers. It helps in better conversion rates, and as per the company’s surveys, almost all the Talk Fusion’s clients have experienced higher conversion rates and revenue with the help of video marketing methods recommended and provided by Talk Fusion.


One of the new items in its long list of products that Talk Fusion offers is Fusion on the Go video chat app that is known for its effectiveness and unique features. The new app can be downloaded on the new age smartphones and devices and can be used through different devices simultaneously, which offers the end users with the flexibility of use. It also offers customers with the video conferencing feature, which is useful for professional as well as personal purposes as many other users can join the video chat at the same time.


The new product by Talk Fusion allows people to schedule video chats and also invite guests to join the conversation. It is widely being used by companies for their internal meetings and also for their interaction with their customers. The new app works seamlessly on smartphones and is not limited to the desktop just like many other apps available in the market. Learn more:



Paul Mampilly Has Identified The Next Medical Revolution

When someone claims to have pinpointed the next area of medical revolution, people can become understandably skeptical when these statements are made. However, Paul Mampilly is gaining the attention of the general public with his recent proclamations and he does not appear to be ready to let go anytime soon.

He threw out a series of hints about the company in question and while these hints were cryptic in nature, experienced observers did not need long to find out more. The breakthrough that he referenced is believed to eliminate one of the most incurable health issues that people face today. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

This billion dollar company exists in the world of precision medicine, where a doctor is able to look directly into the person’s DNA and provide a specific diagnosis. The medicine can then be designed to match the person’s exact genetic makeup and serve as a suit of armor over the long haul.

Judging from the clues that have been provided, Paul Mampilly is referring to Myriad Genetis. The company is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company offers personalized forms of medicine and they are currently providing patients with tests that are designed to assess their level of cancer risk.

Cancer testing is the main driver of revenue for the company at this point in time. These tests are referred to as a form of hereditary screening and they help patients to identify their risk factors. Paul Mampilly is quick to remind would be investors that Myriad Genetis stock has been increasing in value over the course of the past year. Read more about Paul on

In fact, Paul Mampilly’s recommendations took place before the stock price even began to rise. The stock has gone from $1.5 billion last summer to over $2 billion currently. Myriad is the current leader in this particular field and this bodes well for those who are in search of a proper investment that can function as a buy and hold option.

While no one can ever say with any certainty that a stock will perform to its fullest potential, there is also the chance that Myriad Genetis could become a form of default testing in the future. While Foundation Medicine is making a push in the same direction, Paul Mampilly believes that Myriad Genetis is the wave of the future. By all accounts, they are certainly poised to take over the nascent personalized medicine industry and their future is incredibly bright.



The Seattle Genetics Boss: Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall was the founding partner of the Seattle Genetics back in the year 1998. Today, he is the organization’s Directors’ board member, President and also the Chief Executive Officer. The philosophy Doctor has been in the cancer research and therapeutic drug-making industry for about twenty years.

Through the help of Siegall, Seattle Genetics has accomplished significant goals in the development of a rich blend of clinical and pre-clinical individuals for cancer and autoimmune indications. It is the leading firm in the development of technologies related to antibodies such as the great anti-body conjugate platform. Siegall has successfully managed to spearhead the company’s activities in generating capital from public and private financial institutions. His ambitions to transform Seattle Genetics from the traditional drug development to the extensive marketing of its modern drugs internationally; thus making the company a dominant biotech firm all around the globe. The company has also secured significant strategic collaborations with Genentech, MedImmune, and Bayer among others that have led to the generation of more revenue for the company.

Before his debut at Seattle Genetics, Siegall was working at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institution in the position of the head research investigator. Consequently, he held the position of the senior scientist in this same organization. Besides, Siegall has worked for Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc. and the Alder Biopharmaceuticals during his career in pharmacy. Additionally, Clay Siegall holds the position of the Director of the Washington Biotechnology and the Biomedical Association alongside his services as a member of Governors’ board in Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance. Siegall also acted as a Director to Mirna Therapeutics Company.

Notably, besides his numerous career achievements, Clay Siegall has authored many scientific papers and an editorial board member to reputable science-related journals. He also owns about nine patent rights of operation. Cancer Research Treatment Foundation benefits from his contributions as a counselor in its scientific board. In 1995, Siegall received Pierce Award due to his significant contributions to the targeted toxins control field. Later in 2002, the healthcare icon was honored with an award as the year’s Ernst and Young Entrepreneur finalist in Pacific Northwest.

Clay Siegall owes his scientific contributions to the medical career to a good education base. He attained his Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University. Moreover, he graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelors of Science in Zoology. As such, Seattle Genetics has a      v    v  great future growth and development opportunity in the hands of Clay Siegall.

Jose Auriemo Neto is a Revered Leader in the Real Estate Industry

JHSF is an outstanding real estate firm located in Brazil. It is also known as a pioneering company in Brazil’s recurrent income assets encompassing shopping malls, airports, restaurants as well as other international real estate projects. Other than that, the company vastly operates in other states including the United States of America in addition to Uruguay. From the moment it was established, JHSF has garnered more than 6 million meters in terms of real estate projects.

The Foundation of JHSF

JHSF was established under the generic names of Sao Paulo’s brothers namely Fabio assisted by Jose Roberto Auriemo. Inclusive of the partnership were two other associates. From the moment it was founded, the company capitalized on the creation of the real estate industry citing the objective to take over Brazil’s real estate industry. During its inception, Jose Auriemo Neto was put in charge of JHSJ while Fabio his brother assumed the leadership of JHSF.

The Leadership of JHSF

Behind the leadership of the company is Jose Neto, who pioneered the leadership docket. He has been working in the industry for decades and has proven worthy of serving as the chief executive officer. For him, leadership in business is more than overseeing management as he promotes stellar rapport between employees and clients to retain a vast client base. Over the years, Jose Neto has cemented his walls on the walls of the real estate industry citing that it is invaluable to develop unique strategies for the real estate business to succeed.

How Qualified is Neto?

Jose Neto was first appointed as the chief executive officer in 2003. Earlier on, he was employed by JHSF Par Companies where he succeeded in creating a parking lot management for the company. It was at that moment that he was trusted to lead the parent company of JHSF.

Contribution and Achievement

In 1998, Neto oversaw the development of a shopping mall project in the acquisition of Santa Cruz Shopping Center. Alongside managing the implementation, he succeeded in the expansion of JHFS’s operations to a broader market scope.From his contribution to the development of the company, it can be deduced that Jose Auriemo Neto is a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs in real estate.

Matt Badiali: A Bull Market for Aluminum in 2018

Matt Badiali has over 20 years worth of experience studying natural resources. Most of this experience comes from his time as a member of academia. Today he works in the finance industry however if you asked him two decades ago he more than likely would never have seen his career shift. It was not until he was working on his Ph.D. while teaching classes in geology at the University of North Carolina that he was first propositioned with a potential career opportunity in the finance industry. This opportunity would allow Matt Badiali to travel the world while he researched potential investment opportunities involving natural resources.

Today Matt Badiali is one of the most well-known commodities investment experts. Over the course of his investment career, he has had the opportunity to travel the world in search of unique investment opportunities. Through his research utilizes a hands-on approach and he believes that the only way to truly know the validity of an investment opportunity is by seeing the operation firsthand. Follow Matt on

Matt Badiali now works for Banyan Hill Publishing Company one of the United States’ leading investment advice sources. He is the senior editor for Real Wealth Strategist, an investment advice column, which gives readers advice on the natural resources and commodities sectors.

He has recently published on some unique investment opportunities for the year 2018 that he believes promise significant growth for the future. While several base metals have been experiencing a bull market since the middle of 2017, there is an additional metal which promises to have a strong performance in the coming year.

The base metals such as zinc and copper have been experiencing issues with supply. This other metal is not having the same issues. This metal is aluminum which is relatively plentiful. The principal source of aluminum or is from bauxite. In 2015 aluminum prices went as low as $.65 per pound. Now it is up over 50%.

The majority of aluminum is mined near the surface of the earth. The most expensive part of mining aluminum is in the processing of the mineral. Bauxite is actually rust of aluminum. In order to purify bauxite, you must heed it to over 3600°F. This is even higher than the melting point of carbon steel and titanium. One of the biggest producers of aluminum in the world has recently announced plans to cut supply which promises to shoot aluminum prices even higher in the coming year. Visit: