Meet Jeff Yastine the Veteran Journalist and Investment Guru

Jeff Yastine is a former financial journalist who has interviewed entrepreneurs, the top stock market expert and financiers. He attended the University of Florida where he studied journalism. After graduation, he first worked as a reporter for a local television channel. He joined the Nightly Business Report in 1993 as the Miami-based journalist and anchor. As the national reporter, Jeff was able to identify potential investment opportunities for the Night Business Report viewers. In his career line, he has interviewed veteran investors and many prominent persons including; the Nobel Prize winner Laureate Richer Thaler, the founder of southwest airline Herb Kelleher and the billionaire founder of waste management Wayne Huizenga. Visit the website to learn more.

He took the advantage of his interactions with successful investors and entrepreneurs by taking their advice seriously and became a successful investor himself. He has utilized his knowledge and experience in the investment sector to help Americans grow and protect their wealth. Through his publishing Total Wealth Insider, he gives appropriate advice to his readers. He believes in safe investment and investment of resources in companies that offer enormous value to investors. He has over two decades experience in stock market investor and as business and financial reporter.

Jeff yastine joined the Banyan hill publishing in 2015 as the editorial director. He has been a substantial contributor to the Banyan hill’s winning investor daily and sovereign investor daily. The two newsletters focus on helping investors and startups to understand the monetary trends, business and economy. They also specialize in giving their readers potential profit-making opportunities. The Emmy Award nominee has always kept his social media followers updated with latest stock market trends.

The veteran journalist has also worked with, where he writes on the day to day investment opportunities. He recently shared his thoughts on cybersecurity, and he thinks the cybersecurity for investors is a goldmine. Today, many companies spend a lot of cash on cybersecurity, and many other professions make money from cybersecurity.

One of the investment opportunities he has talked about is the Kennedy accounts. Kennedy stock accounts are stock purchase plans made directly to a company so that you can use the dividends from the stock to buy more stock from the same company. He has also published an article on the profitable Amazon competitors that investors should consider. He said that eBay could be a likely competitor since Google can be the potential buyers of eBay. This is because Google specializes in online technology and electronics and eBay would be the matching candidate to battle the Amazon selling power. Learn more:


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