Meet Jeff Yastine the Veteran Journalist and Investment Guru

Jeff Yastine is a former financial journalist who has interviewed entrepreneurs, the top stock market expert and financiers. He attended the University of Florida where he studied journalism. After graduation, he first worked as a reporter for a local television channel. He joined the Nightly Business Report in 1993 as the Miami-based journalist and anchor. As the national reporter, Jeff was able to identify potential investment opportunities for the Night Business Report viewers. In his career line, he has interviewed veteran investors and many prominent persons including; the Nobel Prize winner Laureate Richer Thaler, the founder of southwest airline Herb Kelleher and the billionaire founder of waste management Wayne Huizenga. Visit the website to learn more.

He took the advantage of his interactions with successful investors and entrepreneurs by taking their advice seriously and became a successful investor himself. He has utilized his knowledge and experience in the investment sector to help Americans grow and protect their wealth. Through his publishing Total Wealth Insider, he gives appropriate advice to his readers. He believes in safe investment and investment of resources in companies that offer enormous value to investors. He has over two decades experience in stock market investor and as business and financial reporter.

Jeff yastine joined the Banyan hill publishing in 2015 as the editorial director. He has been a substantial contributor to the Banyan hill’s winning investor daily and sovereign investor daily. The two newsletters focus on helping investors and startups to understand the monetary trends, business and economy. They also specialize in giving their readers potential profit-making opportunities. The Emmy Award nominee has always kept his social media followers updated with latest stock market trends.

The veteran journalist has also worked with, where he writes on the day to day investment opportunities. He recently shared his thoughts on cybersecurity, and he thinks the cybersecurity for investors is a goldmine. Today, many companies spend a lot of cash on cybersecurity, and many other professions make money from cybersecurity.

One of the investment opportunities he has talked about is the Kennedy accounts. Kennedy stock accounts are stock purchase plans made directly to a company so that you can use the dividends from the stock to buy more stock from the same company. He has also published an article on the profitable Amazon competitors that investors should consider. He said that eBay could be a likely competitor since Google can be the potential buyers of eBay. This is because Google specializes in online technology and electronics and eBay would be the matching candidate to battle the Amazon selling power. Learn more:


Dick Devos Inspires Vast Changes

Grand Rapids is a totally different place because of Dick DeVos, husband to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. DeVos, a heir to the Amway Corp., didn’t set out to completely change his home town. He just wanted more people to come visit the downtown area.


DeVos wasn’t fond of an idea circulating in 1991 about a sport and convention center being proposed for construction north of the city. He said past experience watching Detroit after the Palace of Auburn Hills and the Pontiac Silverdome were built showed him that could be disastrous for the downtown area, as it would move crowds out of the city to the north.


“That lesson was not lost on us,” DeVos said.


DeVos gathered business leader to form Grand Action, a group pushing for multi-use complexes built in downtown Grand Rapids. The result was a changed skyline consisting of five major construction projects including the Grand Rapids City Market, the Van Andel Area, the DeVos Place Convention Center, and the DeVos Performance Hall. The group enhanced education also with the construction of the medical school at Michigan State University.


DeVos has several passions including air flight, education and charity. His appointment last year by U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao wraps up all three interested in one position. DeVos, one of seven new members, now serves in a volunteer position on the Management Advisory Council. The 13-member council offers insight for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) senior management on issues like regulations, long-range planning, policy and spending.


A pilot, DeVos worked for years to improve aviation in Michigan. He took on the mission several years ago to get more direct flights and increased air traffic at the Grand Rapids airport. His persistence changed the future of Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


DeVos stating wooing AirTran Airways to establish nonstop flights running out of the airport. A meeting and a tour yielded positive results with the airline agreeing.


However, the purchase of AirTran by Southwest Airlines almost thwarted the goals. Southwest, which previously denied community efforts to come to West Michigan, had also turned away from DeVos’ efforts to lure them to the area. After the AirTran purchase, fears ran as Southwest officials reportedly discussed canceling nonstop flights to Orlando and Baltimore.


“We told the AirTran story and then we waited. They reduced service in other communities but we were not on that list. That was a big deal,” DeVos said.


DeVos then got the news in the summer of 2013 that Southwest was actually adding flights to Baltimore, Orlando, St. Louis and Denver.


DeVos and his wife started a charter school focusing on aviation out of the airport. The West Michigan Aviation Academy was established in 2010 with 80 students. The public school now has more than 600 students.


The couple has also created various political action committees and charity groups to support and sponsor charter schools.


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Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric doctor that has been recognized throughout the United States. He has completed numerous surgeries in his forty year career as a pediatric doctor. His surgeries have uplifted children and influenced their lives. He has saved their lives, and they are enamored by him. His experience ranges from a wide field of diseases and ailments. He’s an expert that values his fellow doctors and his patients, he loves his work and brings a smile to people’s faces. His collection of medical information has been growing, and he continues to build more knowledge and add to his base of experience. Using his massive base of knowledge, he has fashioned two medical devices that are meant to create safer and more efficient operations for surgeons and patients.


One of Dr. Saad Saad’s major inventions was proprietary Patent #5,727,553. It’s the catheter tube with magnetism location device. It works by locating the tube at intervals within the patient’s body. Older catheters need the utilization of radiation through X-ray or magnetic resonance imaging to find it within the body. Some catheters will be left within the body, thus doctors have to be able to recognize where they’re situated. They need to know this to confirm there aren’t any complications. The tube is employed to empty fluids and gases from the body. These fluids will give issues and discomfort to patients. The fluids have to be drained before any invasive activity or major surgery. The issue with catheters is that they are sometimes difficult to follow once they’re within a patient’s body. Doctors can’t typically use magnetic resonance imaging because it is a giant machine. Also, an excessive amount of radiation from an X-ray is harmful to a patient. This is what made Dr. Saad Saad build his great invention. The catheter tube he fashioned uses magnetism energy to be found once it’s within the body. The tube tip has wires within the walls, and it’s a magnetically semipermeable tip. A tool with magnetic coils will sway over a patient’s body and quickly find the tube. This device is extremely helpful for patients in intensive care units. The device is compact and movable.


Dr. Saad Saad is amazingly innovative doctor. He has saved several lives because of this innovative ability. Since his years as a college man, he desired to be a good doctor. Once he attended his first medical residency, he knew he would be a pediatric doctor. There’s nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment and achievement that comes with saving the lives of youngsters. Learn more:

Securus Technologies Putting an End to the Menace Created by the Use of Contraband Phones in Prisons

One of the most consistent companies regarding performance and innovation in the correctional sphere has been the Securus Technologies. It is the company that was set up in 1986 when two other telecommunication giants merged, Evercom and T-Netix. The name of the company was changed to TZ Holdings, which was again renamed in 1992 to Securus Technologies. The company has invested millions over the years into developing new investigative and inmate communication services, along with many other types of cutting-edge technologies. One of the new technologies that the Securus Technologies recently rolled out is the wireless containment solutions. It is a technology that would without a doubt put an end to the use of contraband phones inside the prison facilities.


For many years, Securus Technologies has been working on developing the top-notch contraband interdiction technology. The primary and the only aim of the wireless containment solutions are to stop the contraband phones from being used by the inmates. No matter how strict are the security measures in the correctional facilities, it has been seen that the contraband phones always finds its way inside. The wireless containment solution by Securus Technologies would jam the contraband phones and make it impossible for it to connect to any carriers. As of now, the wireless containment system has been able to stop almost 1.7 million illegal and unauthorized communications from inside the prison. Many crimes have taken place inside as well as outside the prison that was directed using the contraband phones.


Securus Technologies, as well as the entire nation, was in the state of shock and dismay when a video went online that was shot by an inmate on his contraband phone. The people were surprised to see how easy it is to get the phone inside the prison and then make a video out of it for three minutes. It opened eyes of people too much vulnerability in the current security system being followed in most of the correctional facilities. The wireless containment solution would ensure that the contraband phones are rendered useless inside the prison. As per the orders by FCC, the process of getting and installing the wireless containment solutions in the correctional facilities would be expedited.


Securus Technologies has some of the best brains working behind the development of the wireless containment solutions. One of the former corrections offers by the name of Robert Johnson is also working in the capacity of a consultant with Securus Technologies. He has helped tremendously in the development of the wireless containment solutions. The wireless containment solutions by Securus Technologies is approved, authorized, and accepted, which makes it the only contraband interdiction technology in the country. The company is happy that its creation would help in making the community, safer and secure.



Paul Mampilly and The Financial Success of People Who Follow His Newsletter Platform

It is said by the wise that a home without books is essentially a body without a soul. On the same note, the world of global investment is incomplete without the vast contribution of Paul Mampilly.

The Profits Unlimited Newsletter

Profits Unlimited Newsletter is the Financial Advice platform that Paul Mampilly founded, and it is in this newsletter advice-giving site that he’s able to reach his goals and tell people how to share the kind of success that he’s got. The fantastic thing about this newsletter is that it is highly sought after and right now has about 60,000 subscribers. These subscribers offer the kind of relevant and sustainable advice that would help people get the highest number of chances to grow their investments. When this number of subscribers was hit, it began to be a fantastic milestone for Paul Mampilly’s new finance venture.

Investment is hard to do if you don’t know how to do it right, and the fact that Paul Mampilly is able to attract so much following with his newsletter means that his ideas work, and his advice has been really profitable. Unless there’s something we haven’t calculated yet, this level of following is a clear indication that investing in his ideas and opinions, however little, could highly give you more chances of profit. Sure, there’s always a high risk in investing, and that’s why you should not put all your money in there because of the risk of ruin, but with ideas from Paul, you could get the luxury of advice that may land you to the jackpot. See more of Paul Mampilly on Facebook for more updates.

The Partnership with Banyan Hill Publishing

The Profits Unlimited is a partnership between Banyan Hill Publishing and Paul to serve a purpose that no other competition in Wall Street seems to be able to offer more successfully. With such success and following, Mampilly is able to engage with his clients by giving them an incredible set of financial advice on how to make investments. What also makes the newsletter system of Paul is the fact that he doesn’t use the clients’ money to invest in products. Instead, he lets these people invest on their own in their separate brokerage accounts. All that Paul does is give in the right advice.

In a news report from PR Newswire, there are now current success stories of the people who have been buying the assets that Paul has been endorsing and have been already cashing out with glee. See more: