Jeff Yastine and Dependable Investment Advice

Jeff Yastine is a writer who edits a Banyan Hill Publishing online newsletter that’s called Total Wealth Insider. He has significant knowledge regarding the emerging technology universe. He’s a person who believes that sameness encourages lack of improvement in this world. He wants all of his readers to be aware of the reality, too. Yastine thinks that change is critical for all different parts of existence. Business adjustments are important to note, too. Business changes often demand extra rules and regulations. Follow Jeff Yastine at

Regtech is a phrase that is all about regulatory technology. It’s a significant investment chance that involves the cooperation of innovative devices. Blockchain technology is a huge example. It also involves the cooperation of devices like contemporary software, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and more. Businesses frequently rely on these forms of technology in order to reduce regulatory expenses of all varieties.

The management of regulations can be quite an expensive process. Businesses have to deal with identity confirmation matters. They have to deal with time-consuming documentation and more. Handling regulations is no small matter for anyone. Regtech is a concept that essentially aims to assist businesses that are serious about getting their expenses under control.

Jeff Yastine is linked to investment savvy. There are so many people who have full faith in all of his investment tips. He has a lot of credibility. He was part of the stock market world for 20 plus years. Needless to say, he knows Wall Street like the back of his hand. He writes articles each week that go into investments and average individuals. He’s known for both Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. He provides ambitious investors with helpful details that involve business, monetary and economic crazes. He’s been with the Banyan Hill Publishing crew for about three years now. He’s a reputable Editorial Director there.

Yastine enthusiastically studied at the University of Florida in Florida in the eighties. He received a telecommunications B.A. (bachelor of arts) degree from the highly regarded institution. His career quickly got off to a strong start after he left the University of Florida. He got hired as a PBS Nightly Business Report senior correspondent.

Yastine has traveled to many interesting global locations. He’s even been to Cuba. He traveled to the Spanish-speaking nation in order to discuss foreign investors and how they’ve changed its economy forever. He was honored with a Business Emmy Award back in 2007. Read this article:

Government Pay Provider GovPayNet Acquired By Securus Technologies

Dallas-based Securus Technologies, the leader in law enforcement investigative and corrections services, just announced its acquisition of GovPayNet.


The service pay provider GovPayNet is the industry leader in the processing of credit cards and debit payments to governmental agencies. The company offers a variety of payment processing services including to bail-bonding companies, traffic courts, fines and even parking and speeding violations.


GovPayNet offers services in 35 states, which includes about 26% of counties in the U.S.


Securus CEO Bob Pickens says he is delighted to have added GovPayNet to the company’s already extensive portfolio. “GovPayNet has a long history of offering superior services, great customer satisfaction and associates that have helped the business grow.”


CEO of GovPayNet Mark McKenzie says he is proud to be doing business with Securus. “We are looking forward to bonding with such a great company that offers a wide range of products and services.”


GovPayNet has been working with the government for over 20 years. It was founded by a sheriff in 1997 who was looking for a more streamlined system to process government payments. The company has expanded its processing system to reach over 2300 law enforcement agencies and governmental departments in the U.S.