How OSI Industries Is Giving You Tasty Foods To Enjoy

Whenever you stop at your favorite fast food restaurant to get a burger, you might not think about just how much work goes into making that burger just right and making sure it’s healthy to eat. OSI Industries is a company that processes that meat and supplies it to multiple chains including McDonald’s, Subway, Wendy’s and even some of Starbucks’s breakfast items. It’s a real challenging business to deliver these quality meats because workers at the processing plants have to cut them up very quickly and have them packaged and ready to ship in a heartbeat. OSI Industries has found ways to take on the challenges of the industry with improved safety and efficiency, and it all began over 100 years ago.

The original family who owned OSI Industries was the Kolschowsky family. Otto Kolschowsky started it as a butcher shop in Chicago back in 1909 and later expanded it into a wholesale meat market store. The company was originally named Otto & Sons because his sons kept the company up and running after Otto had passed away, and by the middle of the 1950s they teamed up with McDonald’s as its first major meat supplier, and that partnership has now lasted over 60 years. Otto & Sons was popular in the local area, but McDonald’s was expanding its restaurants to places across the Atlantic and Pacific, and in order for Otto & Sons to be able to keep up with their partner, they needed someone who could raise the capital for their company to do so. That’s when Sheldon Lavin came on the scene starting off as a financial consultant for the company, but then eventually becoming an executive and then the CEO with an ownership stake. Lavin has been with the company over 40 years and continues to be passionate about it today. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Lavin and OSI Industries President David McDonald have built a presence in 17 different countries with 50 different factories, and they were listed in a meat magazine as the 10th largest meat supplier in the world. Recently they bought out Baho Food and Flagship Europe to grow a greater presence in the European markets, and they’ve been in China now for over 20 years. What OSI Industries leaders say makes this company unique is how they’ve upheld a family traditional way of running it, and according to one work magazine many workers end up staying at OSI Industries for the long-term due to the comfort levels they have there. OSI Food Solutions UK Awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council

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