Fabletic’s “Almost Famous” Kate Hudson’s Evolution to Fabletics Success

The “Almost Famous” Kate Hudson has evolved to become the recognized personality behind current Fabletics brand success. She has changed how the fashion community now views mainstream athleisure wear. Fabletics is successful partly due to their capture of the everyday woman market in affordable fashion sales. Keeping costs low is critical to this brand’s impressive success story. Kate came on board insisting on utilizing higher quality materials in the production of the now recognized Fabletics clothing lines. This small detail has certainly paid off well as customers of every income bracket still shop for quality first in their clothing choices.


Another important distinctive feature, that sets the Fabletics athleisure wear brand high above any other competitor, is its phenomenally creative customer crowd leverage marketing genius strategy. Rather than solely relying on upcoming fashion looks created by high fashion designers, Fabletics taps into their own customer base to predict the next hit athletic wear styles. A customized Lifestyle Quiz instantly reveals every unique customer’s perfect altheisure wardrobe picks from a current Fabletic’s inventory. This critical information is then inputted into a complex data system that Fabletics designed to decipher the shopping trends for women when they are searching for athletic wear pieces.


Kate Hudson has an important role as the face that everyone relates to the distinctive Fabletics brand label. While other celebrities merely pose for a few pictures for the use of their names, Kate dived into the whole process of creating wining athletic clothing from design ideas to construction to sales marketing ploys. Her sharp business oriented mind is all the more impressive as Kate has revealed that she has never taken any formal business training. Her unique experiences with fashion in the entertainment industry has allowed this well loved actress to transfer some of her fan appreciation to her Fabletics brand that she now endorses fully.


Fans of Kate Hudson are loving the high fashion looks that Kate brings to everyday athleisure wear outfits. She is able to input her fashion advice to aid the company in turning out well made garments that hold up to numerous washing and extensive wear. Her commitment to using finer fabrics has enabled Fabletics fashions to gain a reputation for trendy style statements and high end construction details. These classy clothes are ideal for intensive runs or exercise programs, and they double as perfect running around the town outfits any woman can feel confident wearing in public.


Indeed, Kate herself has revealed a habit of wearing these clothes often while pursuing her active lifestyle. In turn, Fabletics customers are finding this clothing brand to be money worth spent for the longer term wear and various functions that these comfy clothes are well suited for. Kate recommends that every Fabletics customers take a few moments to use this brand’s amazing fashion revelation tool called their Lifestyle Quiz. Simple questions that customers answer will quickly reveal the exact styles, cuts, sizes and colors that the customer should purchase from the Fabletics current fashion showroom.

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