What Inspires Students from Academy of Art University?

Ever wonder what inspires students from Academy of Art University? The answer covers about anything creative under the sun. These talented students love the creative process. Those involved in the stellar fashion design program got to feature their original designs a few months back for the revered New York Fashion Week runway show event. This extravaganza draws celebrities, top fashion designers, fashion leaders and everyday people desiring to see whats upcoming in the fashion arena. The show was mesmerizing. The university’s students were able to showcase their unique take on current fashion statements. What a powerful experience. These upcoming fashion artists are ones to watch going forward.


This distinctive California university embraces students from all over the United States and from other countries around the world. Qing Dao, from China, found her inspiration for the runway collection while snapping photos for a class in creative concept. Her metallic material choices, edgy modern silhouettes and layering technique are spectacular. She fused PVC and vinyl to fabrics for a sustainable look that transforms culture. Eden Slezin, another AAU student, bared his soul by showing his undeniably heart stopping denim designs. He celebrated individuality, past life and loves and added his love of vintage denim looks to come up with beautiful pieces.


These amazing designers are already making a mark in fashion headlines. This relaxed university campus is situated amidst a glorious old San Francisco neighborhood that retains its authentic charm, wide diversity and artistic atmosphere. A fitting location for this prestigious Academy of Art University. The instructors each have interesting backgrounds pertinent to their area of expertise. This practical way of inspiring is certainly effective if the recent NYFW is any indication. Students here are encouraged to express, even celebrate, their diversity and uniqueness. The entire campus is still connected by respect and positive attitudes.


It is exciting to be in the midst of such creative genius. The Academy of Art University has many programs and degree levels that challenge anyone wanting to pursue an art degree or land a coveted job in their individual interests. AAU remains a top educational institute.


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