Orange Coast College Rowing Team Has All That It Takes To Shine

Rowing remains one of few exclusively amateur sports left today. It is basically a ballet of power and calls for unity and grace. The Orange Coast College rowing team has a near innate spirit in them, and they had the zeal to do their best in the national competitions that was to be held at Lake Lanier, Ga. as from Thursday, May 25. The team was under the firm leadership of Captain Daniel Amado. Learn more:


Captain Daniel Amado is an alumnus of Los Alamitos High School. He broke a disk in his back making him unable to participate in the rowing sports till this year when he returned. Steve Morris who was serving the assistant coach for men’s team departed Rancho Santa Margarita at 5.30 am heading to Newport Harbor. He was on autopilot while very attentive to never miss a moment.


Morris was the head coach for the most of the 1990s but left due to family commitments. He only came back to OCC following a compromise with the family. The sport is n Morris’s nerves and heart, and he loves it dearly. As a student at OCC, he served as a coxswain. You have to note that coxswains are the brains of the brawn that is in charge of oars.


About Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College has a 64-acre campus in Costa Mesa. It was founded in 1947, but the classes actually began in 1948. Today it stands as one of the largest and the finest community colleges in the country. It enrolls well over 25,000 students every semester. This college has outstanding facilities and always stays ahead of others in technology with more than 135 career and academic programs. It also boasts of one of the largest as well as the most acclaimed public nautical programs nationally.


Among the community colleges in Orange County OCC is ranked the first considering the number of students that make it to California State University and University of California systems. Thousands of students have transferred to CSU and UC from OCC over the past decade. Many other students also make it to other private colleges and universities nationally and within California. Learn more:


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