The Transformation Of OSI From A Regional To Global Company Under Sheldon Lavin

Being the chairman of OSI group as well as the chief executive officer requires a deep and rich understanding of the meat and food processing industry. Sheldon Lavin has proved beyond doubt that he posses these requirements since his appointment to these positions at OSI Group which is a limited liability company. Other than serving as the CEO and chairman of the OSI group, Sheldon also serves in the position of the president of OSI international foods. He has been a critical active player in the company’s operations and decision making processes.

Sheldon has gained the required experience and knowledge to run this firm, and it started back in 1970 when he got involved in the acquisition of funds for Otto& Sons, which subsequently grew to the OSI group. Under his capable leadership, OSI transformed a local food processing company to one of the key players in the international food industry. Currently, OSI has more than 60 regional branches across 60 different counties.

On February 2016, Sheldon was awarded the Global Visionary Award for his exemplary achievement of bringing OSI into the global scene, by managing to do this, Sheldon Lavin created thousands of jobs for different individuals across different industries on a worldwide scale, therefore, is recognized. On receiving the award, Sheldon was happy and also proud of his achievement. In his speech, he stated that he was humbled and honored to be able to win such a prestigious award. He has been recognized globally by leaders in various fields for his ability to nature and develop OSI into an international powerhouse. Throughout his career, making OSI a household brand aside, Sheldon has always looked out for the welfare of his employees as he knows that they form the background and the pillar of OSI’s success.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s helm, OSI has expanded its operations globally, and at the same time, the company has won environmental sustainability awards as a result of their commitment to the protection of the environment in the 60 plus regions the OSI operates. Sheldon hopes that the future generation of corporate leaders will embrace this trend and look to conserve the environment while undertaking their leadership roles. He also stated that he wishes to inspire the next generation of leaders in the corporate world to dedicate their efforts and time in the development and growth of their companies in a responsible manner that will, in turn, lead to the growth of commerce and the creation of employment opportunities across the world.


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